E Safety

At Preston Hedge’s we take e-safety very seriously. Our pupils follow an acceptable use policy which ensures that our pupils use ICT equipment appropriately.We have an e-safety assembly each term for all pupils, where we discuss how to use technology and the internet, and where we ensure that our pupils recognise what they need to do in order to keep themselves safe. E-safety is fully embedded within our ICT curriculum,  and our e-safety lessons use the recommended CEOP’s ‘thinkuknow’ education programme, which has been specifically created for primary school children.

In order to ensure that all members of the school community feel confident about keeping our children safe on line, we will be offering an e-Safety meeting provided for parents over the next few months. This will be provided by an external expert and the date will be confirmed shortly.

Below you can find our  Internet Monitoring Policy and the Acceptable Use Policy:


Internet Monitoring Statement v2


Acceptable Use Policy pupils


E-Safety Policy


Support for parents with Cyber Bullying

Parent cyberbullying guide

eSafety-A perspective for parents


Termly E-Safety Focus – February 2017

During the last week of each term before the holidays, every class has a dedicated E-Safety session and attends an E-Safety assembly. After these sessions, please take this opportunity to talk with your child about internet safety. The world of technology is a wonderful thing that can enhance so many things, but it also brings stranger danger nearer to our children’s door. A positive approach, but also discussing how to stay safe is best. Giving children a good understanding of stranger danger will allow them to enjoy the many benefits of the internet with increased safety.


Preston Hedge’s joins European E-Safety Project – January 2017

Preston Hedge’s to join European E-Safety Project Our school has been invited to join a European project focused on digital safety. Cyber Safe Generation (CyGen) is a new development project to bring together children, teachers, parents and academics to promote safe online participation for children and young people. The programme will offer children across Europe safe virtual scenarios to explore the digital environment. CyGen is a three-year project funded by the European Commission. It is led by a University of Northampton team and includes leading experts in digital technologies, education and pedagogy in the UK, Greece, Denmark and Belgium. Over three years, teachers children and parents will work with us to develop, implement and evaluate a collaborative educational package to enhance the digital citizenship and well-being of children in Europe. For the development work of the project, each of the four country teams will work with one school: Preston Hedge’s will be the UK school.

Annual E-Safety Briefing for Parents – December 2016


A huge thank you to Simon Aston, the Northamptonshire County Council’s e-Safety Officer for delivering a fantastic E-Safety training session for parents on Tuesday 6th December 2016. This was well attended  by parents and feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

The world of the internet and associated dangers are ever changing. We are fortunate that our children have parents such as yourselves that protect your children so well, but it is good to stay aware of all of current issues. We will be offering these sessions again in the future, so if you couldn’t get to this session, there will be another opportunity for you to attend.

E-Safety sessions in school

Year 5 – Cyberwise sessions in partnership with The Life Education Bus – May 2017

RJ E-Safety session – March 2017

6L E-Safety session – March 2017

Here is Reception having their lesson

Years 3-6 in their E-Safety Assembly




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5th September 2017

Our sister school opens for the first time!

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27th July 2017

Graffiti Stars visiting Preston Hedges in September

New entrance display on the way!

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26th July 2017

Nissan visit for Year 6

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