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Pupil Premium

The Pupil Premium is money which is paid directly by the Government into school to support pupils who qualify for or have qualified for free school meals, or children who are looked after. For each of these children, we identify a key, core area of learning in which they may need support or an acceleration boost. When we have identified that area, we then use the funding to provide the extra support. Our driving aim at all times is to ensure that there is no attainment gap between  the outcomes achieved for our pupils who qualify for the funding and other pupils nationally and within the school.

However, where a child may need additional support to access school or their learning we will prioritise this first.


How we spend The Pupil Premium

We used this funding in different ways to best support individual pupils.

Examples of how we use the funding are:

  • Transport to school for pupils who otherwise would be absent from school.
  • Horse Riding lessons to support socialisation and promote the social and emotional development of pupils.
  • Payment for School Trips.
  • Access to clubs so every Pupil Premium Pupil could attend a club.
  • Access to IT at home through purchase of equipment to support home learning and homework.
  • Additional pastoral support for all Pupil Premium Pupils through Reading or 1:1 sessions with specialist TA.
  • Intervention groups to further accelerate core learning to target pupils towards greater depth.
  •  Specialist teaching groups involving Pupil Premium Pupils to narrow the gap between them and non Pupil Premium Pupils.


Ensuring impact of the use of Pupil Premium funding

All of the children who qualify for pupil premium are tracked to ensure substantial progress, with a Senior Leader having specific responsibility for  chairing periodic meetings to monitor pupil progress, evaluate the impact of funding and establish new target areas.

The pupil premium is predominantly spent on academic needs -pupils that qualify benefit from learning in smaller groups or having additional intervention to secure their academic potential.

However, funding is determined by the needs of the individual child, so we also use the Pupil Premium to fund non-academic support for an individual child, for example by funding an important school trip, or providing an opportunity to join an out of school sports club.We also employ a pupil premium support worker to provide weekly pastoral and mentoring support to the children.

To ensure that the spending is used effectively to close the gap, the school has a governor specifically linked to pupil premium to scrutinise spending and impact, and this impact is also monitored across the academic year within the Standards committee of the Academy Trust.


Pupil Premium  Performance Data 17/18

Updated July 2018


Year R – All Pupil Premium Pupils in Year R (2 pupils) achieved GLD with one pupil achieving GD in specific areas.

Year 1 – All Pupil Premium Pupils in Year 1 (3 pupils) passed the Phonics Screening.

Every Pupil Premium Pupil at Preston Hedge’s has passed the Phonics Screening since its introduction.

Year 1 – All Pupil Premium Pupils in Year 1 (3 pupils) achieved age related outcomes with one pupil achieving GD in specific areas.

There were no Pupil Premium Pupils in Years 2 & 3 in 2017/18


Year 4 – (4 Pupils) – In the four key areas (Reading, Writing, Maths & SPAG). 2 pupils now are now achieving gd in two areas and have had 1:1 support to move towards a third in Year 5.

Year 4 – Two Pupil Premium Pupils – have had small group support to reach age related outcomes. Both pupil were working below age expectations in areas in Year 2. They will have small group provision in Year 5 to achieve age related outcomes by the end of 19/20. A teacher has been recruited for this specific role.

Year 5 – (1 Pupil) Has achieved gd in three areas and has had 1:1 coaching in Maths so that they can access gd in Year 6.

Year 6 – Sadly one pupil who joined the school in Phase 3 didn’t achieve age related outcomes, despite making substantial progress since starting at Preston Hedge’s.


Historical Pupil Premium Performance Data: Showing we close the gap.

In 2017, across all subjects, 100% of our Year 6 pupils (4 pupils) eligible for pupil premium funding met the expected standard in all subject areas, with 50% of our pupils eligible for the funding meeting the higher standard in Reading, Writing and Mathematics combined.

Children who received the pupil premium in the school in 2017 gained higher scaled scores on average than the average of other non-pupil premium children nationally:


Subject National Average Score School average pupil premium score
Reading 104 109.75
Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar 106 111
Maths 104 108.75





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