Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Fun, Creativity & Achievement

In this section of the school website we include some of our special projects which best reflect our school, our curriculum and our philosophy of Fun, Creativity and Achievement.

‘Fun’ to create happy confident learners; ‘creativity’, to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences and foster imaginative, inventive learners; and ‘achievement’ to fulfil each child’s academic potential and ensure the highest outcomes for pupils.


The Arts

Our aim is to give our pupils the very best Arts experiences and have a particular passion for the Visual Arts.



Over the past few weeks, our Year Six children have undertaken a photography course designed to teach them primarily about composition and the fun ways to capture their creativity.

They have learnt the basics of camera mechanics, fun effects and most importantly, how to take a great photograph! To finish the course the children were given 19 challenges to complete during a Celebration Day using all the techniques they had acquired whilst completing the course.

Your child has learnt how to produce photos worthy of a pro! Here are some of the amazing images captured from the children.

Many of the images produced will be put on to canvas for display in the coming weeks. Well done Year 6!

Here are some examples:


A macro image of rain drops.



Focus – landscape


Capturing emotion through a picture



Phase 3 Recycled Sculpture


Year 6 Graffiti Art


Science – Conservation.

We are proud to announce that Preston Hedge’s Primary school is set to establish its very own Eco Warriors group of children from Years 2-6. This green group will focus upon reducing the school’s carbon foot print by promoting a variety of environmentally friendly routines.

For example, the group will encourage recycling as they will be responsible for checking and regulating the use of different recycling boxes in each classroom. In addition to this, the Eco representatives will conduct regular checks around the school to ensure that items are safely switched off when they are not in use.

Also, every term, the group will conduct an ‘environmental conference’ where they can discuss ideas to help reduce the use of plastic and non-recyclable materials in to school, and put forward any suggestions which will promote a positive environmental impact on their local community.

Each member of the Eco Warrior team will proudly sport a green tie to reflect their green ethos and actions!


Dragon Sculpture -All recycled materials!


Annual Drama Shakespeare Performance in Year 6


Annual Shakespeare Week



Conservation brought to life in Year 4!



Wild West Curriculum in Year 2. A Horse Riding and History/Geography Experience


The Big Outdoors

The perfect place for our little learners!


Reading – Bringing back the Library Bus!


RE – Bringing RE to life.

Our very own Gurdwara


Visiting The Hindu Mandir


Gardening – Life Skills in our allotment!


Modern Foreign Language

Mandarin taught in Phase 3 live from China

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15th July 2019

Year 6 MAT Olympics Winners

Year 6 excel on track and field!

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13th July 2019

Year R visit Dinosaur Farm & Park

A great “Dino” Day out for Year R!

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5th July 2019

Year 6 Residential 2019

Year 6 have a superb week away!