Phase1 Curriculum


Phase 1 February 2017

Year R

Reception So far this term, we have enjoyed listening to the story of The Leopard’s Drum by Jessica Souhami and we are now going to be creating illustrations based on the story for our display. We will also be celebrating Chinese New Year on Friday 27th January and would ask if the children can come to school in red and yellow clothing. We will be tasting food, making Chinese dragons and learning a dragon dance! It will be a really exciting day! As always, we will continue to have our show and tell sessions on a Wednesday to encourage the children with their speaking and listening skills, so please encourage your child to bring any special items in. This could be a photograph of somewhere they have been, a special certificate or an item that is important to them. Although quite far in advance, we just wanted to make you aware of a little change to your diary dates as due to unforeseen circumstances, we have to swap the class assembly dates around: RJ class assembly will now be on the 29th June RP class assembly will now be on the 30th June

Year 1

Year One This term in Year One, we have been learning all about houses and homes in our local area. We had an exciting start where we helped Carole (our local post lady) on her rounds through Wootton Village. This enabled us to observe the different kinds of houses and buildings we have around us and it will also provide us with a purpose for our letter writing in Literacy. Throughout this topic, we have been identifying the different kinds of buildings and how they might be made. We will be finishing off this topic with an Art Day where the children will be recreating Wootton Village! In addition to our houses and homes topic, we will be celebrating Chinese New Year as part of our learning about different cultures on Friday 27th January.


The Big Outdoors

We actively encourage, enjoy and enrich our learning through the use of our fantastic outdoor environments. Our spacious outdoor classroom encourages imaginative play which in turn helps to develop your child’s fine and gross motor skills.

All of our children thoroughly enjoy our big outdoors sessions in Year R which take place in all weathers. The children are encouraged to study their natural environment, to find things for themselves and create art and other objects from the available natural materials. We support our children to challenge themselves and to take risks in the environment.

Each session begins with some quiet listening time, lying immersed in the tall grass using all of our senses. We then take part in activities such as making bird feeders with fir cones and raisins, natural sculpture, den building on a large and small scale, pond dipping and mini-beast hunts. We always finish each session with a warming cup of hot chocolate which is enjoyed by all.

Year 1 continue the Big Outdoor sessions exploring knots, making stick frames, looking at seasonal changes and linking their learning and exploration to their curriculum.



At Preston Hedge’s Primary School we follow the ‘Letters & Sounds’ phonics program. This scheme is broken down into 6 ‘Phases’ and each of these Phases is aimed to support reading and spelling at various stages of a child’s development.

  • Phase 2, 3 & 4 are ideally complete during Reception.
  • Phase 5 is the longest of all the Phases and should begin at the start of Year One.
  • Extra afternoon phonics provision is given to those children who require additional support in meeting end of year national requirements.

The teaching of phonics begins as soon as the children join us in Reception and are settled into their new daily routine. We believe that to teach phonics in the most effective way, it should be taught in smaller adult led groups. Therefore, we alternate phonics and handwriting between each class, enabling us to utilise all adults effectively. We have found a rapid, quick fire method of revising, learning and applying to be highly effective. This method is also followed throughout Year One.


The Wider Curriculum

Your children are given the opportunity to explore their surroundings through a creative curriculum and independent learning experiences. Throughout Reception and Year One, we plan a range of stimulating and engaging themes to help capture the children’s imagination. Across Phase One we have enjoyed investigating topics such as dinosaurs, space, pirates, superheroes and fashion design, as well as exploring our diverse cultures and celebrations from around the world.

PE Curriculum Phase 1

This is the curriculum plan for PE (indoor).  Please note the order in which we teach these topics are subject to change.

PE Curriculum Plan

Curriculum Key Skills for Year 1

Phase One Curriculum

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