Phase 2

Years 2 and 3



Our Philosophy

In Phase Two, we build on the strong foundations that were set in place in Phase One. Our outcomes and achievements throughout the phase are strong and continue to grow year on year, and our 2016 outcomes were highest in the school’s history, and  considerably higher than other local, national and outstanding schools.

As a phase, we passionately believe in ensuring that all children reach their full potential, and build differentiation and challenge into all lessons. In English and Maths, children are taught in whole class and small group situations, within highly creative contexts. As pupils move into Year Three, we are fortunate to be able to teach Maths in three fluid groups, where our children can receive precise and highly personalised teaching to ensure that individual needs are met.

Reading is an important part of Phase Two, and we make sure that children are engaged through rich reading resources across the curriculum. Children read with the teacher on a regular basis through individual and guided reading sessions, and we all enjoy ‘Slipper Time’ where we share a book at the end of the day. Reading integrates itself into every part of our curriculum, so it is essential that we build your child’s self confidence to read independently. We introduce reading comprehension in Year Two where the children delve deeper into a chosen text to develop a greater understanding of the books we are reading.

With recent changes to the National Curriculum, weekly grammar and punctuation sessions are taught in addition to spellings (SPaG). These sessions are reinforced through daily reading and writing in English lessons. Mental Maths has also become integral to our weekly learning whereby quick fire questionning aims to unpick each child’s understanding and push their knowledge further.

Within the wider curriculum, pupils have the opportunity to secure and reinforce core skills through topics that interest and inspire them, ensuring learning is exciting, creative and challenging. For example, in Year Two children  learn about topics such as ‘The Great Fire of London’ and ‘Robots’ where they design and make their own 3D models. In Year Three, our pupils have really enjoyed investigating ‘Chocolate’, from the geography and history of the cocoa bean to eventually designing, creating and advertising their very own chocolate bars.

Our aim in Phase Two is to develop your child’s passion for learning, whilst ensuring they reach their full potential in a supportive and nurturing environment.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any part of your child’s learning, please feel free pop in and speak to me.

Mr Aaron McDonald

Assistant Head & Phase Two Leader

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26th July 2017

Nissan visit for Year 6

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