Phase 2 Curriculum


Phase 2 Curriculum

The curriculum in Phase 2 is based on fun and creativity and is designed to promote memorable experiences for all our children. It promotes and develops essential skills,encourages all pupils to use their imagination and strive to reach their full potential.

Phase 2 Curriculum February 2017

Year 2

Year Two As we come towards the end of our Great Fire of London topic, we are now preparing for our whole class assemblies on the 9th and 10th February. We hope to entertain and educate you all on the events surrounding the Great Fire! Our next curriculum based topic will be based around photography. We hope to look at a range of cameras, both past and present as well as investigating the work of some more notable photographers such as Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz and Charlie Waite. We hope that the children will be able to produce a gallery of their own work including portraits, landscapes and a few more abstracts pieces. Our aim will be to link part of our learning to our new school value of ‘Aspiration’.

Year 3

Year Three This term, we have begun our new curriculum topic of Kings and Queens. So far, the children have loved exploring the history of our country’s monarchy and creating our own human timeline within class. Through the topic, we will be learning about the Tudors, including Henry VIII and his six unfortunate wives! We will also learn about Elizabeth I and discover what life was like for these monarchs. The children will also learn about the Tudor rose and create their own self-portraits of themselves as kings and queens. We will be rounding off the topic with a Tudor Banquet Celebration Day on Thursday 9th February, and would like the children to come dressed up for the occasion! Throughout this exciting day, we will have the opportunity to create


Curriculum Themes Phase 2

Throughout the year, the children in Phase 2 will cover the following topics.


Year 2 Year 3

Christianity in Action

From Farm to Fork

Great Fire of London





World War II



Modern British Citizenship Phase 2

Within our curriculum, the children are introduced to a number of inspirational and influential British people from the past.

Year 2 Year 3
Samuel Pepys

Florence Nightingale

Jamie Oliver

Horatio Nelson

Queen Elizabeth 1

Walter Tull

From January 2016, our curriculum values will be developed and supported through our studies of these people.


IT Curriculum Phase 2

IT is embedded within the curriculum in Phase 2:  the children use mobile technology to develop key IT skills and add depth to their wider curriculum understanding.

In addition, e-Safety is taught termly to all pupils.


PE Curriculum Phase 2

This is the curriculum plan for PE (Indoor).  Please note the order in which we teach these topics are subject to change.

PE Curriculum Plan


Curriculum Key Skills for Phase 2

Phase 2 Curriculum v2

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25th May 2017

FOPH Playground Project

Making our playground better!

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24th May 2017

Year 3 Roman Day

Living life as a Roman!

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17th May 2017

Year 6 Kidzania Visit

Part of our Aspiration for a Generation Topic!