Phase 3 Curriculum


Phase 3 Curriculum

The curriculum in Phase 3 is based on fun and creativity and is designed to promote memorable experiences for all our children. It promotes and develops essential skills,encourages all pupils to use their imagination and strive to reach their full potential. By being creative, children learn to think for themselves, become adaptable and learn key skills for life. It plays an important part in the curriculum by motivating and engaging the children and enabling them to become more independent and confident learners.


Phase 3 Curriculum February 2017

Year 4

Year Four During the coming half term, Year Four’s curriculum will be focused on The Orient. This exciting topic will provide opportunities for the children to explore a new culture and to experience different music, art and celebrations. To begin, the children have had the chance to research China, Japan, Korea and Mongolia and decide where they would like to discover in more detail. As it is Chinese New Year at the end of the month, Year Four have collectively decided to explore China, including learning about the 12 Chinese zodiacs, Chinese dragon scales in music and understanding the symbolism within Chinese art, in the use of the dragon and kite designs. As part of their learning, there will be a celebration day to immerse the children in the traditions and tales of Chinese New Year on Thursday 26th January.

Year 5

Year Five At the start of this term, we had a fantastic celebration day to learn all about Sikhism. We are now focusing on our next topic exploring climate change. During this term, we will explore the impact that climate change is having on the environment across the world, and to finish the topic, we will have a full Year Five debate on the issues surrounding environmental change. We are also going to be studying pointillism, and will be immersing the children in the work of Seurat. We plan to create our own environmental themed works of art using pointillism at the end of this term.

Year 6

Year Six This term in Year Six, we will be focusing on creating some fantastic pieces of String Art in the curriculum. The children will be developing their woodwork and design skills by firstly sanding and varnishing their wood in preparation for their final art piece. The children will also learn how to use tools such as hammers and other safety equipment to ensure they are developing a wider skill set preparing them for secondary school. We will also be looking at contemporary Artists that use this media in their pieces. The topic will culminate in two celebration days on the Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th February, where their final pieces will be created


Curriculum Themes Phase 3

Throughout the year, the children in Phase 3 will cover the following topics.


Year 4

Hinduism Ancient Greece Conservation China Two topics of choice

Year 5

Sikhism Ancient Egypt Climate Change Africa Conservation

Two topics of choice

Year 6 Buddhism World War 1 Head Teacher for a Day Shakespeare

Two topics of choice


An element of choice is given to each Year group in order for us to be reactive to the needs and interests of the children.



Modern British Citizenship Phase 3

Within our curriculum, the children are introduced to a number of inspirational and influential British people from the past and present, including members from Team GB for their resilience and positive contribution to British society.


Year 4

Sir Paul McCartney Sir Isaac Newton Ernest Shackleton
Year 5 Charles Dickens Emmeline Pankhurst

Professor Stephen Hawking

Year 6

William Shakespeare Sir Winston Churchill

Lord Alan Sugar


Year 4

Max Whitlock



Year 5

Mo Farah



Year 6

Brownlee brothers




In Phase Three, we work with numerous musically trained professionals to provide quality and engaging learning experiences.  In Year Four they have the opportunity to learn an orchestral instrument, which is currently the violin with Mr. Smith. Miss Philpott who is also musically trained is doing a wonderful job with our choir, and February 2017 the children will all come together to perform a concert to celebrate their newfound talent.



Reading Journals

Children have reading journals, which they are encouraged to use frequently to reflect on what they have read and demonstrate progress in their reading skills. The journal will enable the children to write a short summary on the chapter from their classic text that they have read along with any interesting vocabulary they find and wish to discuss in class. We also ask the children to record the date, book title and pages read every time they read at home.

Children are encouraged to read from a wide range of materials and so we have classic reads and class reads within each year group, which are read on a weekly basis.


Year Four

Class Reads        Alice      Alice through the looking glass      Charlotte’s Web

Classic Reads      Wind in the Willows      Stig of the dump


Year Five

Class Reads      Goodnight Mr Tom      Storm Breaker       Journey to the River Sea

Classic Reads        Toms Midnight Garden      Friend or Foe


Year Six

Class Reads      Earthfall      Earthfall Retribution      Private Peaceful

Classic Reads      Carries War       The Borrowers

IT Curriculum Phase 3

In Phase 3, IT is embedded within the curriculum and provides opportunity, through the use of mobile technology, for independent research which adds greater depth to their learning. Pupils in this phase also take part in two detailed IT projects a year, which develop a wider IT skills set, for example pupils may study stop/start annimation or game designing, through the use of software such as Kodu.

In addition to this, e-Safety is taught termly to all pupils.

ICT Long term plan


PE Curriculum Phase 3

This is the curriculum plan for PE (Indoor).  Please note the order in which we teach these topics are subject to change.

PE Curriculum Plan


Curriculum Key Skills for Phase 3

Phase 3 Curriculum v2

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