Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust


Our Mission

A Trust built and run by educational experts, working to improve the educational opportunities and standards for children in Northamptonshire, by establishing an outstanding provision, based on the ethos of ‘fun, creativity and achievement’. ‘Fun’ to create happy confident learners, ‘creativity’, to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences and foster imaginative, inventive learners; and ‘achievement’ to fulfil each child’s academic potential and ensure the highest outcomes for pupils.  Achieved and underpinned by rigorous systems, processes and a continuous learning approach.


Our Vision

To progressively establish a highly effective mid-size Trust of 6-8 schools, with outstanding provision, through a combination of new and likeminded primary schools. Operating as distinct schools under the umbrella of ‘fun, creativity and achievement’.


Our Strategy

  • Successfully open Pineham Barns in September 2017
  • Further shape the strategic direction of the Trust in 2017, based on the outcome of our application for 2 new schools. Identify opportunities to take on existing schools in Northamptonshire that meet our criteria and any due diligence.  Agree the timelines that support the progressive growth of the Trust and maintains capacity.
  • To open 2 further new schools (Buckton Fields and Norewood Farm) by 2020 – based on approvals
  • Create a ‘hub’ around the A45 ring road on the western fringe
  • Ensure outstanding provision across the Trust from the outset
  • Shape the schools to have unique areas of specialism that can be leveraged across the whole Trust with the consistent ethos of ‘fun, creativity and achievement’.
  • Develop and retain key staff – provide opportunities within the Trust (All staff to have career aspirations conversation as part of their CPD / IDP’s linked to broader remit of Trust not just limited to own school)
  • Ensure the financial viability of the Trust through strong management and clear processes and policies


Our New School – Pineham Barns Primary School – Opening September 2017

Please click the link below to visit Pineham Barns


Who benefits if you join our Trust

We would value every member of each school community.

Staff could expect the highest possible CPD opportunities; school governance would continue as part of the overall MAT structure; parents would be very much at the heart of every school and most importantly, all children in our MAT would receive an exceptional start.


What it would be like to be a school in our Trust

Joining a Trust can be a big decision and we think it important to understand what we, as a Trust, would be like.

Firstly, it is important to us that every school maintains its individual character and ethos.

The unique aspects of school are what makes each one special.

Our team would have a relentless drive to ensure the very best start for children in your school whilst maintaining its character.


What you would keep as a school in our Trust

Individuality and ethos

School traditions that make you special

Community relationships with partner organisations

School uniform

Choice in reward systems

Environmental features specific to your school


Teaching and learning methodology

Budget – you will report to the Trust, but maintain control of your budget. We will not take a top slice like other providers, rather a charge on services you receive (some mandatory) and we will join together to broker services as a joint enterprise.


What you would adopt as a school in our Trust

Agreed data and target setting points and systems

Our Safe Guarding policies and practices

Key education policies

HR policy and practice including performance management

SEF and evaluation, report and action plan formats and cycles for evaluation


What you would gain as a school in our Trust

Access to an experienced team with a broad range of experience

Access to a National Leader in Education

Termly evaluation visits to help your school to continue to evaluate and develop

Support and challenge to provide an exceptional start for all your pupils

Reduced cost of services you purchase

Experience and support in converting to Academy status from the team who made a conversion in the short time of two months

Comprehensive safe guarding support and advice

A team you can access to develop or enhance teaching methodology or subject development

Experience from Governance at trust level

Increased CPD opportunties to improve staff retention

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