School Policies

Safeguarding Policy: Updated March 2017

SWB-001 Safe Guarding Policy

Can I ask that in the holidays, if you do see anything that concerns you about the safety and welfare of any child in the community, you can, in fact, make that referral yourselves. It will always be taken seriously and you are able to do this anonymously if you prefer.  Occasionally, parents of our school have come in to tell us about concerns that they have noticed over holidays and we appreciate the communication that you have with us. We do, though, need you to make contact with the appropriate agencies if you are worried as it may need more immediate action.

If you feel concerned and need to make a referral, the way to do this is explained on the link below –

Leah Jenkins

Deputy Headteacher


Special Educational Needs and Inclusion Policies: Updated September 2016




Behaviour Policy: Updated May 2016

CFC-006 Behaviour Policy V8


Reward Systems – New for 16/17

The school uses a range of rewards systems for different phases within the school. Below shows the reward system for individual year groups:

Year group

Reward System Used

Reception to Year 2







Smiley Face Reward System 

Smiley faces are collated throughout each year, and the children receive a certificate when they collect 25, 50, 75 and 100 smiley faces during the academic year.

The Termly Whole School Value Focus

Each term, the school focuses on one of our 6 values, and when children demonstrate this, they earn a sticker. At the end of the term, a values ambassador is chosen form each class and given a sash for representing the value so well.

Year 3






The New Values Reward System

(as detailed below)

NB: Year 3 is a transition year – the children work on the values badge system detailed above, but can also achieve a smiley face sticker for work/attitude in class – however these will not be collated


The Termly  Whole School Value Focus

Each term, the school focuses on one of our 6 values, and when children demonstrate this, they earn a sticker. At the end of the term, a values ambassador is chosen form each class and given a sash for representing the value so well.

The Golden Tie System

At the end of the academic year, 2 pupils from Years 2 and above  (who have shown consistent hard work and focus, and who have been excellent role models throughout the year) are chosen to wear a golden tie for the following academic year in recognition of this.






Year 4 and above


The New Values Reward System

(as detailed below)

The values based reward system for Year 3 – 6 is new for September 2016.

When the children have achieved something extraordinary within a value (in or out of school, such as demonstrating that value in school exceptionally well for a sustained period of time, or achieving something extraordinary outside of school, such as doing something special to raise money for charity) they would get a pin linked to the colour of their value. Once pupils have gained all of the 6 value pins, they would then achieve a gold values badge to show that they embody all of the school values.


Below are some examples of the kind of ways a child might earn a values badge:





Worked or played exceptionally well with others in school (class or playground) or in after school club – co-operating with others and taking into account differing viewpoints. Pupils should demonstrate this value consistently over time.

This value is nominated by teachers or after school club staff.

Fulfilling their ‘butterfly dreams’.  Children can nominate themselves when they can show that this is fulfilled. Exceptional focus and commitment to learning over time (nominated by teacher).


Commitment shown over a prolonged time to out of school sports training sessions. Children can nominate themselves for this, with acknowledgement provided of the child’s commitment by the sports coach.




A reflective report following a visit to a place of worship or taking part in a celebration.


A nomination from a teacher about a tolerant approach towards their peers or the wider school community.

Recovering from an operation, illness or a difficult time in school or at home. Children and parents can nominate for this.


Responding to adversity or challenges in learning over a sustained period to achieve a positive outcome. Teachers to nominate.

Charity based work, for example a sponsored activity to raise money. Children can nominate themselves for this value with evidence of their charity work.


Exceptional compassion shown towards the school or local community over a sustained period.  Teachers and children can nominate themselves for this value reward.

The values and their colours are shown below:

Red Pin Badge Aspiration
Green Pin Badge Caring
White Pin Badge Resilience
Blue Pin Badge Self-discipline
Yellow Pin Badge Co-operation
Orange Pin Badge Tolerance


Equality Duty

Equality Duty Information & Objectives

Anti-bullying Policy: Updated March 2016 

CFC-009 Anti-Bullying Policy V6


Golden Ties 2016

Below is a photograph of our Golden Tie Award Pupils for Sept 2016.

The Golden ties are awarded to a boy and girl in each class between Years 3 and 6. These children  are nominated by their Class Teacher as having worked extra hard, and represented the school extremely well.  It is not a reflection of the children who have performed the best,  but who have most impressed their teachers throughout the year.



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