Fun, Creativity & Achievement


Updated January 2020:


Art Ambition:

Art at Preston Hedge’s provides all children with the opportunity to develop their creative flare and confidence as a learner as they engage with a range of medium in fun, progressive lessons.

As a result, Art outcomes at Preston Hedge’s are exceptional. Furthermore, our children have opportunities to enjoy projects with an artist-in-residence alongside other bespoke experiences which are both inspiring and memorable as we intend for our children to understand the positive impact art can have on people and the community.



Art Implementation:

Art is implemented as part of each year groups’ curriculum topics and focuses on progressing the key skills required to develop as an artist. These are:

  1. Fine Art – painting and drawing
  2. Collage and Textile
  3. Printing
  4. 3D Art – sculpting and molding
  5. Photography
  6. Artist Study

In order to allow staff to implement art in an engaging and purposeful manner, we focus on developing artistic skills and related knowledge within the context of a wider curriculum topic.

Therefore, each element of the curriculum has a progressive set of skills and knowledge that can be selected to enhance and support the learning in their current curriculum topic. Staff track and monitor the progress their class makes through each artistic skill, to ensure that the children’s artistic abilities progress year-on-year. A progressive skill-based curriculum also enables staff to further challenge or support children where necessary to ensure all children have personal learning journeys that encourage their best artistic outcomes.

Art Impact:

Our Art curriculum gives children at Preston Hedge’s the creative edge by immersing them in an environment that emphasises the importance of the arts and its positive impact it can have on people and the community.

Our children’s confidence to be creative is encouraged through experiences that are beyond the norm and their exceptional outcomes are demonstrated throughout our outstanding, art-rich environment.