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Coronavirus Q & A

As a school, we follow the government protocols regarding keeping our children safe from COVID-19. Please click on the link below for the current guidance:

To help you understand how this works in our school, here are some Q & As which should answer your concerns. If however you have any other queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

What preventative measures are the school taking to keep the children safe?

  • The children will remain in their year group bubbles during the school day.
  • We will be asking the children to wash their hands frequently with both soap and gel sanitiser – on entry into classrooms, after using resources, before and after play, before and after eating, after using the toilet and at any other points that are necessary
  • Drop off, pick up,  lunches and playtimes are all staggered to ensure the different bubbles stay separate.
  • There will be minimal movement of children around the school and they will have their own specific areas
  • The staff team will clean the classrooms and resources regularly.
  • We will require parents to keep their children off school/take them home and remain off for the government allotted timescales if they are clearly unwell or have any of the symptoms of COVID-19
  • We will require any children or staff who demonstrate any symptoms of COVID-19 to have a test

What happens if my child shows symptoms of the virus?

If a member of your household tests positive:


What would happen if there was a positive case in school?

We would alert the DfE hotline immediately. They would ask us who was in prolonged contact with the confirmed case, and would explain our next steps: this may be no action or sending individual children, staff or bubbles home to isolate. We would follow their advice immediately and get in touch with any parents that we needed to.

Are face masks worn in school?

The new changes to guidance for face masks is only currently for Years 7 and up. However,  we recognise that guidance can change rapidly – we will monitor this, and if anything changes, we will let you know. The Department of Public Health deems children less likely to get the virus, and less likely to be ill, so the government does not advise children to wear masks in the classroom.

Staff, who as adults are more at risk of getting a more serious illness, have a choice if they wish to wear visors in the classroom – it is not required, but is personal choice. If staff are working across bubbles and  are not able to maintain an social distance, those members of staff will wear a visor outside of their usual bubble. We will also ask visitors to the site to enter the building wearing masks.

What are the systems around arriving & leaving school?

  • We have a one-way system in September that applies to all year groups. All parents and children should enter the school site from the Curtlee Hill entrance, and walk through the Y5 gate to drop their child at their classroom door. Parents can then continue around the outside of the playground side of the school and exit by the gate at the Reception end, leaving the school site onto Wootton Hope Drive. This means that we can keep a regular stream of one-way traffic flowing.
  • If you need to have a chat with your child’s teacher, as it may be difficult on drop off and pick up, so please let the office know, and your child’s teacher will schedule a call with you.
  • To reduce the number of people on site, only one parent drops and collects their child from school, where possible.
  • Please ensure that whilst you are waiting to enter school anywhere outside of the school gate, and whilst you are walking around the site, you ensure social distancing is in place.

Do parents/carers who are dropping off and picking up need to wear face masks?

As the adults accompanying the children are outside, general guidance says that there is no need to wear a face mask.

Please do make sure, however, that you keep a 2m distance from others when you are walking around the school. If you are finding this difficult, it would be wise to wear a mask.

We do ask parents to wear a mask if they need to enter the school building.

Can my childminder drop off?

As long as it is (where possible) only one adult dropping off and picking up, that is fine.  Please make sure that you feel confident with the arrangements in place at any out of school providers to avoid increased risk of transmission.

What does learning look like in school?

We know that for some of our children have spent a long time out of school, and have some anxieties about returning to school – our priority is to ensure that our children are ready to learn, and we will be doing lots of well-being work.

We have already devised our  processes to ensure that children catch up as quickly as they can, and are not disadvantaged by school closures, and we will be ensuring that learning is carefully pitched to ensure gaps and covered and rapid progress can be made.

Ultimately, our children have all of the engaging and exciting learning activities within a broad an balanced curriculum that we always provide! Learning within the school day feels totally normal for our children!

What will PE be like?

PE will be outdoors for the foreseeable future.

On their PE day, the children will come in their kit to minimise further any risk of transmission through changing.

As PE is outside, their may be times when bad weather means the children do not get their PE session; we are, however, looking at ways to maximise the activity of children throughout the school week in a range of ways.

How will lunches work?

Our catering provider is offering a range of hot and cold meals for parents to pick on Parentpay. These are delivered ‘meals on wheels’ style to the classroom, where the children will eat, ensuring that their bubble stays intact.

Due to the situation, menus are slightly reduced, but a hot main, jacket and sandwich option is available plus a dessert.

What can my child bring to school?

Your child can bring their book bag and P.E bag with them. All of the children have been provided with new water bottles on their first day, and these are sent home on a Friday to be cleaned over the weekend.

Every child also has their own stationery that is kept in their drawer.

Is wrap around care on offer?

Our Studio Club is running for all children who have places. We are not adding any new children/ slots as yet, but will review as school progresses

Are there before and after school sports clubs on offer?

We are not starting the year with any external sports clubs in order to evaluate the safest way to provide this. When we feel these are ready to resume, we will be in touch.

What happens if my child is ill?

It is important that we keep our bubbles healthy for the safety of our children, families and staff. If you are  in any way concerned that your child may be unwell with the virus, please do not bring them into school. Testing is widely available and is now very fast,  so please get your child tested if you are concerned in any way.

We will err on the side of caution here at school, and will expect you to take your child home and shield for the required amount of time if they exhibit any symptoms of the virus here at school. Thank you for your understanding in this.

My child is really anxious – what can I do?

This is a ‘new normal’ for all of us, but we are confident that we have all the processes in place that mean your children can come to school safely. If your child is anxious, share with them all the processes that we have put in place around hygiene and bubbles.

Our Pastoral Leader, Helen Kendall, available to work with children in an afternoon, and each year group gets access to the lunchtime Well-being Club once a week, so if you feel that your child would benefit from this, please let us know.

The most important thing is communication, and if you need some help broaching this subject with your child, the leaflet below may help.

Mental Health Parent leaflet

We are here to work with you, so please get in touch if you need any support or guidance.

We will keep this page updated as guidance changes.