Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Fun, Creativity and Achievement – the intent at the heart of our curriculum

We build our educational offer around our philosophy of  ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’:

‘Fun’ to create happy, confident learners.

‘Creativity’ to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences that engage and inspire. Through immersive, creative opportunities that enable the children to take part in unique, experiential learning, we foster imaginative, inventive, eager learners.

‘Achievement’ to develop children who not only have the strong core skills needed to engage with academia and professional life, but also build confident, enquiring, independent individuals who are well rounded, able to converse at all levels and who have the presence and self-assurance required to succeed in all areas and become the pioneers of tomorrow.

We have designed an ambitious, bespoke and progressive curriculum for the school to drive this philosophy. All subjects are sequenced to enable our children to build and advance their knowledge base, develop strong skills and, through exceptional curriculum opportunities and experiences, foster an enthusiasm and love for learning that ensures our children fulfil their potential.

We recognise each child as a unique child with individual needs, therefore our curriculum is adapted to meet the needs of all learners, so that every child reaches their full potential. We are committed to providing the very best teaching and learning experiences, which inspire and challenge pupils to demonstrate exceptional outcomes.

Here at Preston Hedges, we believe in a creative curriculum, and we learn our wider subjects through themed study across the whole school. This enables our children to immerse themselves within a subject, gaining important knowledge and skills. Each curriculum topic has opportunities for children to learn through immersive experiences, such as learning Tai Chi during our study of Japan in Year 1; recreating an arctic expedition at XScape for Y4 pupils, or debating the Vietnam War with our sister schools in Year 6.

Through giving our children different learning experiences, celebrating individual achievements and fostering a positive attitude in a wide range of areas our pupils will have the chance to grow their confidence and develop their aspirations for the future.

The image below was taken as part of our Year 6 Photography Curriculum

This fabulous butterfly was made with our pupils by an Artist in Residence as part of our Arts Curriculum

This image was taken as part of our Annual Shakespeare workshops across school.