Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Fun, Creativity & Achievement

‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement.’ – The philosophy at the heart of our curriculum and our educational intent.


‘Fun’ to create happy confident learners.

‘Creativity’ to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences and foster imaginative, inventive learners providing them with the creative edge through immersive, creative opportunities that enable the children to take part in unique, experiential learning.

‘Achievement’ to develop children who not only have the strong core skills needed to engage with academia and professional life, but also build confident, enquiring, independent individuals who are well rounded, able to converse at all levels and who have the presence and self-assurance required to succeed in all areas and become the pioneers of tomorrow.


The image below was taken as part of our Year 6 Photography Curriculum in the summer of 2019


Our Curriculum is founded on Fun, Creativity & Achievement.


Phases of Learning

We have our own curriculum based on this philosophy which is delivered in our three phases:

Phase 1 – Years R & 1

Phase 2 – Years 2 & 3

Phase 3 – Years 4, 5 & 6

Throughout our Phases of learning their is a deliberate focus on the Visual Arts to nurture, promote and celebrate creativity.


The image below is part of Arts ‘Graffiti’ Curriculum


This image is of a butterfly made with an Artist in Residence as part of our Arts Curriculum

This image was taken as part of our Annual Shakespeare workshops across school.