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Updated January 2020:


History Ambition:

The History Curriculum at Preston Hedge’s ensures that all children develop their historical enquiry skills whilst immersing them in a wide variety of historical periods to ensure that our children leave with a well-rounded understanding of human history.

Through Celebration Days, unique trips and visits and a bespoke curriculum our curriculum provides fun, memorable experiences whilst securing year on year progress in historical knowledge and enquiry skills for all children


History Implementation:

Our History Curriculum is implemented as the lead subject within a history-based Curriculum Topic. Each year group has a historical period and a bespoke knowledge curriculum which includes both significant historical facts and the opportunity for children to think about history from a number of viewpoints to strengthen their understanding of how history is documented and represented.

The topics are designated as follows:

Year One: Victorians and Mary Poppins

Year Two: Great Fire of London

Year Three: The Conquerors (Romans and Vikings)

Year Four: Ancient Civilisations (Egyptians and Mayans)

Year Five: World at War (WW1 and WW2)

Year Six: Vietnam and the 60s

Alongside their knowledge curriculum, our children are encouraged to develop their historical enquiry skills year on year. We enable this through our unique skills grid that organises enquiry skills into year groups to ensure that children advance their ability to analyse and interpret history.

Each year progresses on the previous enabling children the opportunity to practise and consolidate a set of skills before progressing them the following year. Furthermore, a progressive skill grid enables staff to further support or challenge each child’s learning as necessary to ensure a personalised learning journey.



History Impact:

Our History Curriculum prioritises one of a kind, unique learning experiences in sequence with fun, creative lessons to promote our children developing a love for history and an appreciation for its impact on – and relevance in – modern society. Through a bespoke knowledge and skills based curriculum, we ensure our children approach history through a number of viewpoints.

As a result, we are preparing them with the ability to think outside the box and creatively, whilst understanding the importance of perspective and rationality. Overall, History at Preston Hedge’s aims to give our children the confidence and skills to delve deeper into our world’s history as they embark on their learning journey in further education.

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