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Updated March 2020:

This page provides range of information about our Governing Body:


Our Governing Body – March 2020

LGB Roles March 2020


Governing Body Deep Dives:

In term 2 our Governors visited school on up to three occasions to take part in “Deep Dives”.

A “Deep Dive” focuses on a single subject, such as Mathematics and Governors work alongside members of the leadership team of the school to scrutinize a curriculum subject. As part of this scrutiny Governors conduct the following activities:

  • Meet with the subject leader to learn about their ambition for the subject and how it is implemented across school. The subject leader explains to Governors how the planning for the subject works and how we ensure progression, develop knowledge and ensure that the appropriate skills are learnt.
  • Conduct a learning walk across school with the subject leader
  • Discuss the subject and its implementation with teachers
  • Speak to our children about the subject, their learning and their work
  • Conduct a book scrutiny

Lastly, the Governors review the impact of the subject leaders work and then complete a feedback form with actions/recommendations for leaders. Leaders respond to these and the process is then scrutinized further at the next Governing Body Meeting.


Governing Body Term 2 visits into school:

In term two Governors took part in Deep Dives in Mathematics, Science and Reading.


Governing Body Term 1 visits into school (2019-20)

Our Governors have completed a learning walk to examine Well-Being. Here Miss McDowell, our Well Being Leader, is explaining how we are producing a Well-Being display for the entrance and how this will link to our priority.

Our Governing Bodies visits into school are closely focused on our school priorities and always link to the 3 I’s: Intent, Implementation & Impact

In term 1 our visits will be planned as follows:

  • September – Visit to analyse and reflect on priorities for 2019-20 and to meet Miss McDowell our Well Being Leader. The visit will include a learning walk linked to Well Being Wednesday’s
  • September – Visit to meet NQT’s and reflect on support being offered and a learning walk in Maths/Reading focusing on: Attitudes of learners, implementation of curriculum and well being of staff
  • October – Visit to look at afternoon curriculum linked to the three I’s. Opportunity to meet Curriculum Leader Miss Bridget Philpott


Role of the Governing Body

The document below explains the role, responsibilities and job description of a member of the Local Governing Body.

The document also explains how we work alongside the Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust Board

Governance Overview Document 2018


Becoming a Governor/Trustee at Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust

If you would like to register an interest in working with us as a Governor and support our vision and ethos please fill in the form below and return to

PHAT Becoming a Trustee or Governor and Application Form


Trust Structure for Governance

The chart below explains how Governance works within the Preston Hedge’s Academy Trust.


Governing Body – Declarations of Interest 2020-21

Declarations of Pecuniary Interest Form 2020-21


Governing Body – LGB Attendance 18-19

Governing Body LGB Attendance 18-19


Governing Body – Pen Portraits

Carl Dillow – Chair of Governors

I have lived in the area since I was very young, and Wootton specifically since 2006.  I became a member of the governing body in 2016 as I wanted to contribute to the school and its success.  I have two sons who started in Preston Hedge’s in 2015 and 2017 and are both very happy at the school.

I have always been keen on Science and Technology which featured as a prominent part of my learning when I was younger and led me to work for a global IT company where I am now Head of presales solutions.  On top of IT, I manage forecasts, pipelines, management board reports, recruitment and performance management. I have also spent a great deal of time developing my team and helping them achieve their career goals.  My love of science and technology has equipped me to become the governor subject lead for science within the school where I work with the school science lead to ensure the curriculum is delivering the impact that we intended.  I pride myself on attention to detail which has helped with school policy reviews and led me to become a part of the compliance committee which I chair.

Outside of work, I am a keen triathlete, and a qualified running coach as well as assisting with a local scout group, so I have experience of motivating, safeguarding, and working with young people.


Sarah Saunders – Vice Chair

I have been a member of the governing body since 2013 and am currently Vice Chair of the local governing body.  I sit on the Finance Committee which aligns well with my professional background which is in procurement and cost management.  I worked for many years in the automotive industry and now in the construction industry.  My experience includes managing suppliers, contracts, budgets and costs and I also have experience in project management and accounts.

I am also responsible for the implementation of the new 3i strategy and enjoy looking at the breadth and depth of the school curriculum.

I have two boys and enjoy watching them play football and also enjoy listening to music, keeping fit and spending time with family and friends.

I enjoy being a governor and try and get into school as much as I can.  I try to support staff and parents in providing the best opportunities for all children at the school and their making school life enjoyable and challenging.


David Nyamatore

Coming from a family that is keen on education I have always been interested in learning and picking up various life skills, whether that is in a classroom environment or through practical experience. This is something that I already see in my daughter who is now in Year One at Preston Hedges, and I am looking forward to the opportunity of giving back and supporting all the students at PH (including its sister schools) to be fully equipped in becoming the best they can be in life.

I work as a Specialist Lawyer for a large financial institution and with each deal that I’m involved with I’m driven by the desire to ensure there is a commercial benefit whilst also managing the legal risk. Easier said than done sometimes!

Finally, I’m very interested in sports, tennis/football/golf/athletics. If I’m not playing one of these I’ll probably be following one closely somewhere


Kat Wittich-Jackson

I joined Preston Hedges as a parent governor since January 2018.  I have two children currently at the school and my youngest starts this September.

I am extremely passionate about making sure the school is firing on all cylinders, supporting the hard-working staff at all levels, and securing the best possible experience for the young people who attend PHPS every day.  Coming from an educational background, as Assistant Principal in a local secondary school, I have a good insight into how schools work and the difficulties they are facing, especially in recent times.  I aim to use my expertise to support and finds way to overcome these challenges.

My love for sport and physical activity is always evident as I champion the extensive values that it adds to a child’s educational experience.

I feel extremely fortunate to work with, and for my children to attend, such a forward-thinking school who constantly strive to be the best they can be.


Esther Stephenson

I joined Preston Hedges as a Parent Governor in February 2011 and became an appointed governor in 2016. I am a parent of two boys of which one has gone through each phase of the school and has moved on to secondary school and other is currently in year 6.

My background is in education and I have been a Lead Teacher of Art and Design for the last nineteen years. I am very passionate about education and how the creative arts and problem solving is a vital part of the development of a child.

My main focus has been on Safeguarding, SEN and Well-being and I am currently the Vice Chair of the Compliance Committee. As part of my role I have the privilege to spend time in school talking to the children and staff to improve my knowledge as a governor. I thoroughly enjoy visiting the school and have work with different year groups doing Diwali Day, African Pots, Manga Art and Garden Pot Designs, which Year 1 children helped me paint a giant stone ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ in the outside learning area.


Simon Swaffer

I’m approaching my second full year as a Governor. I am keen to see the school continue to thrive and develop from its current very strong position. I am an enthusiastic, well-motivated individual who has been both support and constructively challenging to help the school develop.

I’m a parent of two children who attend Preston Hedges, which puts me in a position to be willing and able to invest my time and commitment over a long period. I am an experienced  financial consultant working for the UK’s largest Mutual insurer, in which everything we do is built on the foundations of Independent Governance and Client Outcomes (in this case the children, teachers and school). I have gained valuable experience and knowledge as a result of sitting on corporate employee representative committees as well as using management, mentoring and situational leadership skills as part of my everyday work. These skills and attributes are benefiting me in my role of parent governor for the school.

In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit, taking part in triathlons and am happy to encourage my children and others to lead a happy and active lifestyle


Mu Mu

My son started in Preston Hedges in 2018 and he will hopefully be followed by his little sister in a few years’ time. I am very proud to be part of the local governing body with a focus on computing curriculum, an area that shows its increasing importance in the era of online media and artificial intelligence. I have worked as a computer science engineer/researcher and an academic in higher education for many years. It’s an exciting time to witness some university computing courses such as coding and robotics being filtered down to secondary and primary education. I am very keen to support the school using my subject knowledge and experience in education. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with the family and in particular “racing” with my son.



When our Governors were appointed to post

Carl Dillow – June 2016 – Appointed Governor

Catherine Honeywood – November 2018 -Support Staff Governor

Mu Mu – November 2018 – Appointed Governor

David Nyamatore – September 2016 – Appointed Governor

Sarah Saunders – September 2016 – Appointed Governor

Esther Stephenson – September 2016 – Appointed Governor

Simon Swaffer– December 2017 – Appointed Governor

Kat Wittich Jackson – November 2018 – Parent Governor