Fun, Creativity & Achievement


Updated December 2019


Accessibility Plan

Updated March 2020

Preston Hedge’s Accessibility Plan 2020


Behaviour & Fundamental Values Policy

Updated June 2020

P2 Behaviour Fundamental Values Policy Trust V3

Please see Values page for more details on Values


Attendance Policy

Updated September 2020

P1 Attendance Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy

Updated September 2020

P8 Anti-Bullying Policy Trust


Equality Duty Information & Objectives

Updated January 2018



Homework Policy

Updated September 2017 – To be updated January 2020



Safeguarding Policy

Updated January 2021 –

COM 1 Safeguarding-Policy-January 2021 Updates



SEN (Inclusion Policy)

Updated July 2019

P3 Inclusion Policy


SEN Information Report

Updated June 2017 – Update to be published January 2020



Inclusion Policy

P3 Inclusion Policy