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Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium:

The Pupil Premium is money which is paid directly by the Government into our school to support pupils who qualify for or have qualified for, free school meals, children who are looked after,or previously looked after children.


Pupil Premium Ambition:

To narrow the attainment gap between pupils – Our aim is to ensure that there is no attainment gap between the outcomes achieved for our pupils who qualify for the funding and other pupils nationally and within the school.

To ensure that ‘Pupil Premium’ children benefit from having access to a broad range of opportunities, experiences and clubs. We passionately believe this benefits their wider personal development enabling them to be more happy, confident and successful in and out of school.

To ensure excellent school attendance in order for our children to benefit from the education and opportunities provided by the school.


Pupil Premium Implementation:

Pupil Premium funding is used in different ways to best support individual pupils.

Examples of how we use the funding are:

  • Additional staffing in their year group to provide small provision to further enhance our teaching.
  • Transport to school for pupils who otherwise would be absent from school.
  • Payment for School Trips.
  • Access to clubs so every Pupil Premium Pupil could attend a club.
  • Access to IT at home through purchase of equipment to support home learning and homework.
  • Additional pastoral support for Pupil Premium Pupils through Reading or 1:1 sessions with specialist TA.
  • Intervention groups to further accelerate core learning to target pupils towards greater depth.
  • Specialist teaching groups involving Pupil Premium pupils to narrow the gap between them and non Pupil Premium pupils.
  • Tailored training for staff to support specific pupils.

All of the children who qualify for pupil premium are tracked by Mrs Jennifer De Luca, our Pupil Premium Leader. Her role is monitor their progress against the three parts of our “Pupil Premium Ambition”.

The majority of our pupil premium is  spent on academic needs -pupils that qualify benefit from learning in smaller groups or having additional intervention to secure their academic potential.

However, funding is determined by the needs of the individual child, so we also use the Pupil Premium to fund non-academic support for an individual child, for example by funding an important school trip, or providing an opportunity to join an out of school sports club. We also use the funding to contribute towards the cost of our Pastoral Leader who works every morning in school providing support to our children.


Pupil Premium Impact:

We measure pupil premium impact by assessing our work against our ambition.


Attainment Gap:

We strive to ensure that the attainment gap between those that receive additional funding and other pupils is narrowed. Currently 10 out of 12 of our pupils in receipt of additional funding are on track to meet the expected standard in their respective year groups in Reading, Writing and Maths combined. Additionally 38% of these pupils are on track to reach an accelerated target of greater depth in at least one area. The remaining 3 children are working below the expected standard and have personalised targets to suit their needs, which they are making excellent progress towards. These pupils receive specialised intervention that is tailored to their needs, for example 1 to 5 teaching in English.

Outcomes for July 2019 are detailed below (Covid-19 paused National assessments for 2020 and 2021).

Opportunities, Experiences & Clubs:

We encourage all our pupils to attend clubs and take part in extracurricular activities and offer a wide range of experiences both before and after school. 9 out of 13 of our children receiving additional funding take part in at least one club hosted by the school with the remaining children accessing clubs outside of school. Three of our pupils are learning a musical instrument as part of the support that they are offered with the premium.

We also ensure that beyond clubs the children are introduced to a variety of opportunities such as indoor skydiving, trampolining and KidZania (a child sized city where they can take part in a number of jobs). We ensure that they all our pupils in receipt of the funding access these opportunities.


Excellent attendance ensures that our children benefit from the educational experiences we provide here at Preston Hedge’s. Through focused monitoring, we work closely with families to improve attendance where needed ensuring an improvement in attendance over time. Our current attendance rate across the school is 97.6% which is well above that of schools nationally. 38% of our children receiving additional funding currently have an attendance of 99%+.

Interventions are set up for any child that receives extra funding and falls below 95% attendance in order to allow them to access their learning. This can range from Breakfast Club provision to family meetings with a member of the Senior Leadership Team to identify how best to get their child attending school regularly.


Pupil Premium Performance Data July 2019:

We only had one pupil who received pupil premium funding in Year 6 in July 2019. They achieved gd in all areas.


Year R – No Year R pupils received pupil premium funding in July19

Year 1 – All Pupil Premium Pupils in Year 1 (2 pupils) passed the Phonics Screening. Funding was used to ensure this occurred and to accelerate a child to achieve gd in Reading. The premium was also used to support activities outside of school.

Every Pupil Premium Pupil at Preston Hedge’s has passed the Phonics Screening since its introduction.


Year 2 – All Pupil Premium Pupils in Year 2 ( 3 pupils) achieved at least one accelerated target of gd through carefully supported provision.

There were no Pupil Premium Pupils in Years 3 in July 2019


Year 4 – (1 Pupil) – The funding was used to help one pupil with SEN, who found English challenging. The funding was used to sustain small group support for English led by a teacher throughout the year, to support learning at their level.

Year 5 – Five Pupil Premium Pupils – One pupil was supported to access After School Provision, two pupils were supported to achieve accelerated gd targets in Maths and two other pupils were given 1:2 support in Reading. One of which accelerated to age related outcomes with the other rapidly closing the gap after 1:2 support

Year 6 – As noted one pupil received specialist weekly 1:2 support from January-May to achieve gd in Maths and all areas in July 2019!