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Updated February 2020:



Preston Hedge’s provides a whole-school music curriculum to promote an opportunity for children to express their creativity and develop their confidence. Our curriculum progresses each year within three main musical skills: Perform, Compose and Explore and Listen, Reflect and Appraise. During these, the children’s knowledge will develop each year to include new musical terminology and techniques to help their musical understanding mature alongside their musical ability.

Each year, the children will have the opportunity to perform their music and celebrate their learning with family and friends.




In order for our curriculum to build on current knowledge and develop the children’s skills, it has been organised into learning objectives for each year group within the skills of:


Compose and Explore

Listen, Reflect and Appraise

Each objective builds on the previous years by developing the skill’s complexity and application, whilst each year group will introduce new knowledge and concepts to ensure the children’s musical experiences broaden over their time at Preston Hedge’s. Alongside this, each child’s musical progress is assessed and documented to enable teachers to continue to develop understanding and knowledge year on year without risk of repetition or omission.

The curriculum is taught by passionate teachers who understand the importance music can also play in a child’s Wellbeing and who enjoy providing the opportunity for children to join together to develop their creativity and self-confidence.

Furthermore, our progressive skill-based curriculum enables teachers to further challenge or support children to ensure every child can achieve and make progress in their musical education.



Our music curriculum encourages children at Preston Hedge’s to explore creatively by immersing them in an environment that promotes a love and importance of music. We aim for children to understand the importance of music and its positive impact it can have on individuals and communities.

We aspire for our children to develop a creative edge through experiences that promote the importance of practicing skills and demonstrating self-discipline, developing ideas and working collaboratively whilst offering opportunities for individual flare and accomplishment.

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5th June 2020

June Update

As of the 1st June, the school is open to key worker & Reception children in small  socially-distanced bubbles. We are ensuring both children and staff stay safe on site, and thank all of our parents for their fantastic support. If your child is not in school with us at the moment, our teachers will […]

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3rd April 2020

Latest from PH!

We are open for children of key workers and to support our vulnerable children.