Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Our Curriculum

Updated 31st October

Curriculum Intention:

The intent of curriculum is ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement.’

‘Fun’ to create happy, confident learners, ‘Creativity’ to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences and foster imaginative, inventive learners providing them with the creative edge

‘Achievement’ to fulfil each child’s academic potential and ensure the highest outcomes for all pupils.

At Preston Hedge’s, we have carefully designed bespoke schemes of learning underpinned by a body of knowledge and skills which progress year on year. Through our curriculum intent, a unique approach to well-being and personal development and an opportunity for outstanding experiences, we intend to provide our children with the aspiration and foundations to be pioneers of the future.



Curriculum Implementation:

Our unique curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced in Art, ICT, Geography and History to ensure all pupils’ skills and knowledge progress each year.

The content has been rigorously planned to ensure the children engage in lessons with clear intentions and precise skills and knowledge for all children to access, learn and consolidate.

Our focus in Arts covers an array of skill based planning which shows clear progression between the techniques and skills in KS1 and KS2. This allows all children to experience an array of artistic techniques and methods, without repetition, with the opportunity to revisit and develop them later in their learning journey. These include: Fine Art, Textiles, Product Design, Digital Media (Photography), Printing and Weaving, 3D Sculpture and Artist Studies. In addition, Art Celebration Days and guest sculptors ensure that all children at Preston Hedge’s are immersed in unforgettable experiences that ignite their creativity and passion for visual arts.

Similarly, all Geography and History content has been planned to ensure that all children engage with a broad, thought provoking curriculum that builds year on year through developing subject specific skills and knowledge. At Preston Hedge’s, our curriculum is disseminated through an overriding theme or topic (as listed below) in order for our children to practise new skills, progress consolidated skills and discuss topic knowledge within an intriguing, purposeful context. This allows our children to understand the relevance of their learning and establish its importance within real-life situations and experiences.

Music at Preston Hedge’s is taught in KS2, termly, by a music specialist in order for all children to access the richest learning experience possible. It too has been developed specifically by our curriculum team to build musical skills and knowledge year on year in order for the children’s confidence and musical ability to steadily, and consistently, grow throughout KS2. In order for the skills to link and progress, the lessons are themed to provide context as the children venture from rhythm to melody, notation to performance before consolidating and developing them further in the following year. In addition, at Preston Hedge’s there is opportunity for group and individual instrumental lessons to provide extra tuition for children who wish to develop their musical ability further.

Our RE curriculum is structured around 6 religions which the children study in a designated year group. These include: Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism and Buddhism. Each year, the curriculum’s objectives build on the children’s understanding of moral responsibility and British and School values as they learn about different religions and cultures to ensure we are developing tolerant, mindful pupils who engage with, and understand, their role in the community. Throughout their religious learning journey, they will develop their knowledge of different faiths and the skills required to discuss, identify and explain what makes each religion unique and a positive attribute to British society.


RE Curriculum Overview:

RE Progressive Objectives & Overview


Finally, our creative curriculum includes specialist MFL lessons during KS2 in Mandarin, where each year group is taught for a term live from China! We ensure that the content each year is progressive without unnecessary repetition to ensure all children are developing their knowledge and practising written and spoken Mandarin to maximise language development and a passion for new languages.

Throughout the school, each year’s learning is documented and displayed through their celebratory Treasure Chests and Scrap Books where QR codes and final pieces of work portray each topic’s implementation, progressive journey and learning impact – including interviews with the children, videos of their experiences and photographs to document their hands-on learning experiences, progress and achievements.

As a whole-school approach, this consistent implementation, balanced with extraordinary opportunities within captivating topics, gives our children a broad, challenging and aspirational curriculum that nurtures their love for learning. Our approach to curriculum is embedded across the MAT as we collectively plan, share and ensure our curriculum is implemented with fun and creativity, aspires our children and generates outstanding achievement. Each year group has a unique set of current curriculum topics and themes which will be taught in the order our teachers believe will be best for their children.


2018-19 Topics

Year R








Year 1

Fashion & Design

Paws, Claws & Tails




Christianity In Action


Year 2


Great fire Of London

Route 66

Frozen Planet

Terrific Textiles



Year 3




Arts unit to be determined – November 2019

Geography unit to be determined – November 2019

Science unit to be determined – November 2019


Year 4

Asian Adventure

Ancient Civilizations (2 terms)

Protecting the Planet – Oceans to Owls


Arts unit to be determined


Year 5

Shakespeare, Stratford & the RSC

The World at War (over 2 terms) World War I & World War II


Science unit to be determined

Geography unit to be determined



Year 6



Democracy- Headteacher For The Day



Shakespeare (Drama) or DT Shoes


Throughout our curriculum learning journeys, there is a deliberate focus on the Visual Arts to nurture, promote and celebrate creativity in order to give our pupils a creative edge, innovative thought to benefit their future learning and the best possible start to life.


Curriculum Impact:

We believe that the impact of our curriculum is demonstrated best by the well-rounded pupils who attend our school and by the outcomes they achieve. To ensure we have the highest levels of achievement we measure our outcomes against those achieved by the Top Quintile of schools ’ nationally. Our expectation is to be above this measure.

Our fun and creative curriculum gives all pupils constant opportunity to build on their current knowledge and leave Preston Hedge’s with a broad and substantial knowledge base that will serve them well for life, secondary ready as innovative, enthusiastic learners and future leaders.



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