Fun, Creativity & Achievement

Our Curriculum – Fun, Creativity and Achievement.

Curriculum Overview:

We build our educational offer around our philosophy of  ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’:

‘Fun’ to create happy, confident learners

‘Creativity’ to provide pupils with the very best curriculum experiences and foster imaginative, inventive learners providing them with the creative edge

‘Achievement’ to fulfill each child’s academic potential and ensure the highest outcomes for all pupils.

At Preston Hedge’s, we have carefully designed bespoke schemes of learning underpinned by a body of knowledge and skills which progress year on year. Through our curriculum intent, a unique approach to well-being and personal development and an opportunity for outstanding experiences, we intend to provide our children with the aspiration and foundations to be pioneers of the future.



Curriculum Implementation:

Our unique curriculum is coherently planned and sequenced to ensure all pupils’ skills and knowledge progress each year.

The content has been rigorously planned to ensure the children engage in lessons with clear intentions and precise skills and knowledge for all children to access, learn and consolidate.

Throughout the school, each year’s learning is documented and displayed through their celebratory Treasure Chests and Scrap Books where QR codes and final pieces of work portray each topic’s implementation, progressive journey and learning impact – including interviews with the children, videos of their experiences and photographs to document their hands-on learning experiences, progress and achievements.

As a whole-school approach, this consistent implementation, balanced with extraordinary opportunities within captivating topics, gives our children a broad, challenging and aspirational curriculum that nurtures their love for learning.

Our approach to curriculum is embedded across the MAT as we collectively plan, share and ensure our curriculum is implemented with fun and creativity, aspires our children and generates outstanding achievement. Each year group has a unique set of current curriculum topics and themes which will be taught in the order our teachers believe will be best for their children.


Curriculum Impact:

We believe that the impact of our curriculum is demonstrated best by the well-rounded pupils who attend our school and by the outcomes they achieve. To ensure we have the highest levels of achievement we measure our outcomes against those achieved by the Top Quintile of schools ’ nationally. Our expectation is to be above this measure.

Our fun and creative curriculum gives all pupils constant opportunity to build on their current knowledge and leave Preston Hedge’s with a broad and substantial knowledge base that will serve them well for life, secondary ready as innovative, enthusiastic learners and future leaders.