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Our School Values & Rewards

Our School Values


Co-operation; Aspiration; Self Discipline; Tolerance; Resilience & Caring.

Here at Preston Hedge’s we understand that alongside ensuring that our children gain strong academic knowledge, schools should also support the wider development of our future generations, supporting the development of the skills necessary to be a positive member of society.

We believe that our 6 core values enable our children to develop and grow personally as an individual, whilst also promoting the fundamental skills and attitudes that enable them to work with and care for each other, ensuring that they are able to be a compassionate member of their local community and beyond.


We base our school reward system around the demonstration of these values at an age appropriate level:

In EYFS, Y1 & 2, children gain certificates when they have attained smiley face rewards for showing these values.

In KS2 (Years 3-6) our values rewards system in through Golden Ties & Values Badges:

Golden Ties

Golden ties are awarded annually to a boy and girl in each class between Years 3 and 6. These children  are nominated by their Class Teacher as having represented the school values extremely well & consistently across the year.  It is not a reflection of the children who have performed the best,  but who have most impressed their teachers throughout the year.

The children receive their golden ties in a special assembly, and can wear their golden tie for the full academic year, demonstrating their role model status.

Values Badges

Children gain values badges when the children have achieved something extraordinary within a value (in or out of school, such as demonstrating that value in school exceptionally well for a sustained period of time, or achieving something extraordinary outside of school, such as doing something special to raise money for charity) they would get a pin linked to the colour of their value. Once pupils have gained all of the 6 value pins, they would then achieve a gold values badge to show that they embody all of the school values.

Parents and members of our school community can nominate our children via the badges box in the front entrance.

Below are some examples of the kind of ways a child might earn a values badge:





Worked or played exceptionally well with others in school (class or playground) or in after school club – co-operating with others and taking into account differing viewpoints. Pupils should demonstrate this value consistently over time.

This value is nominated by teachers or after school club staff.

Fulfilling their ‘butterfly dreams’.  Children can nominate themselves when they can show that this is fulfilled. Exceptional focus and commitment to learning over time (nominated by teacher).


Commitment shown over a prolonged time to out of school sports training sessions. Children can nominate themselves for this, with acknowledgement provided of the child’s commitment by the sports coach.




A reflective report following a visit to a place of worship or taking part in a celebration.


A nomination from a teacher about a tolerant approach towards their peers or the wider school community.

Recovering from an operation, illness or a difficult time in school or at home. Children and parents can nominate for this.


Responding to adversity or challenges in learning over a sustained period to achieve a positive outcome. Teachers to nominate.

Charity based work, for example a sponsored activity to raise money. Children can nominate themselves for this value with evidence of their charity work.


Exceptional compassion shown towards the school or local community over a sustained period.  Teachers and children can nominate themselves for this value reward.

The values and their colours are shown below:

Red Pin Badge Aspiration
Green Pin Badge Caring
White Pin Badge Resilience
Blue Pin Badge Self-discipline
Yellow Pin Badge Co-operation
Orange Pin Badge Tolerance

This is all part of our wider philosophy around Behaviour and Fundamental Values.  Our policy is in the policy section of the website.