Phase 1

Years R and 1



Our Philosophy

At Preston Hedge’s we really value the relationships we form with parents as well as the local community and work hard to ensure our children have a happy and secure start to school. As a Phase, we strongly believe in the nurture and development of the child as a whole. Our staff are fantastic at building a fun and creative environment to stimulate valuable learning experiences, which lead to high and increasing outcomes for all our children.

Within Phase One, we enjoy learning by investigating the world around us as well as building upon real life situations. By stimulating and challenging the imagination of our children, we hope to lay the foundations for a lifelong love of learning. It is important to us to encourage, develop and support every child’s growing independence throughout these first formative years of their education.

Your children are given the opportunity to explore their surroundings through creative and independent learning experiences. Throughout Reception and Year One, we encourage, enjoy and enhance our learning through the use of our fantastic “Big Outdoors” environment. Our children are always thrilled to explore our vast outdoor areas in all weathers, which lends itself to developing a range of skills and abilities.

Our aim is to continually enhance the start we give our children to ensure they achieve their full potential and gain a love for learning.

We are extremely proud of our achievements in Phonics across the Phase. We are fortunate enough to have the resources to structure learning in small group settings and in July last year, 95% of our Year One children passed the national screening test. We are currently within the top 5% of schools across the UK achieving such outstanding results.

Should you have any questions or queries about Phase 1, or your child’s learning, please feel free to pop in and speak to me.

Miss Becky Horsfield

Phase 1 Leader

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15th October 2019

Year 2 Great Fire of London Celebration Day

Bread Baking, Drama and Art, all part of Year 2 on our Celebration day

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10th October 2019

World Mental Health Day!

Putting Well-Being at the heart of what we do!

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7th October 2019

Year R Pirate Day!

A day of adventure in Year R!