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Reading Rewards

We are very proud of how much our children enjoy reading here at Preston Hedge’s!

We have a very successful Reading Reward scheme in place that our children take part in. Here are the details of both Level 1 and Level 2 Reading Rewards:

Level 1 Individual Rewards:

Year 1 & 2:

Bronze Reading Certificate Silver Reading Certificate Gold Reading Certificate Platinum Reading Certificate Reading Superstar badge
10 sessions of home reading 25 sessions of home reading 50 sessions of home reading 75 sessions of home reading 100 sessions of home reading

Year 3-6

Copper badge Bronze badge Silver badge Gold Badge Platinum badge Extreme reader badge
Read 50 pages Read 100 pages Read 250 pages Read 500 pages Read 1000 pages Read 3000 pages

Level 1 – Class Rewards

For every 10 minutes of reading over the year group minimum reading time, children achieve 1 point

For every 100 points a class builds up, the class receive a class reward of their choice.

When 120 hours have been read in the class, the class receive a celebration event.

Every child must contribute to gain a class reward!!!

Level 2 Rewards

Once a child has reached the end of the Level 1 rewards system, they will then accrue points based on pages read which can be spent at the Preston Hedges Reading Shop at the end of each half term.

This looks slightly different for each year group, with increased challenge as children get older and read at a more sustained level:

Year 1 and 2 Year 3 and 4 Year 5 and 6
1 point every 10 pages 1 point every 50 pages 1 point every 100 pages


The shop will contain a variety of items including pencils, pencil cases, £5 book voucher and a chance to be entered into a school wide raffle – the winner receiving a book of their choice. All equipment will have the Preston Hedges logo on them, so it is clear who has earnt what prize.

This is a brilliant opportunity for the children to keep reading and learn some valuable life skills. Will they save up for a bigger item from the shop or spend all their points straight away on smaller items?

The shop is open on the last day of every half term and the winner of the raffle will be picked live in assembly that week.