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Updated March 2020:

Our Well-being Ambition 

Our children’s emotional Well-Being is extremely important to us here at Preston Hedge’s. We want children who are successful, resilient learners but what is equally important to us is that they are healthy and content children, both mentally and physically, who are able to approach any challenge with positivity.


Well-being Implementation 

Our Curriculum

As part of our Well-Being curriculum, the children take part in Well- Being Wednesday’s where every class across the whole school engages in a short session based around mental health and Well-being. These weekly sessions are a part of our PSHE teaching and will cover objectives from our Well-Being curriculum, from exploring feelings and how to cope with them in Reception and Year 1, to acknowledging the effect of our choices on ourselves and others in Year 6. Already the children have taken part in many exciting activities within Well-Being Wednesdays, such as using mirrors in Year 1 to explore what different emotions look like, finding our happy place in Year 3, creating a ‘What went well’ book in Year 4, and letting our worries go in balloons in Year 5! In addition to our Well-Being sessions, the children will also attend a Well-Being assembly every fortnight, delivered by Miss McDowell, our Well-Being leader.

Well-Being Curriculum PHAT


5 Areas of Well-Being

Within Well-Being Wednesdays, we will be covering the 5 areas of Well-Being:

Connect: Feeling close to, and valued by, other people is a fundamental human need and one that contributes to functioning well in the world. Teach children to connect with each other; ask someone how they are. Connect with your feelings. Take a genuine interest in other peoples Well-Being. Connect with local businesses, care homes, nurseries, other settings, secondary schools.

Be Active: Physical health has a direct link to mental health. Regular physical activity is associated with lower rates of depression and anxiety across all age groups. Lower paced activities, like walking, have a positive impact on social skills whilst still exercising. Encourage physical activity: walking, jogging, play a new sport, yoga.

Take Notice: Take note of what is happening around us and how our actions and decisions effect others. Take notice of how you feel. Take notice of all of the emotions: how do they make us feel? Signs of emotions? How to get ourselves back to a calm state. Take notice of the environment and others around you.

Keep Learning: Learn something new (outside of our school curriculum) set yourself a goal and be aspirational. Setting goals has been associated with higher levels of Well-Being. Dedicated time to research / learning something new. A New Learning Challenge E.g: Sign language, knitting etc, a new sport.

Give: Participate in community life, help others and have a positive impact on your community. Link to a charity or environmental projects. Not just raising money; give your time, your understanding, your awareness. How can you give back to community?

Each term, we will focus on one of our 5 areas. Our area of focus for term 4 is Connect.


Lunchtime Club

In addition to Well-Being Wednesday’s, we run a Well-Being lunchtime club every day from 12:30 – 13:30. This club is a chance for your child to drop in and talk to adults about anything that is on their mind, but also to relax and socialise on a calmer level. Our first week of launching saw children from every class access the club where they could chill quietly and reflect or talk through issues with an adult. If you think your child would benefit from visiting the lunchtime club, please feel free to talk to myself or your child’s class teacher.


Wellbeing Champions

At the beginning of Term 4, we launched our Wellbeing Champions! Soon our badges will arrive that the children will be able to wear with pride. Your child will know if they are a wellbeing champion. Each champion has been given a day where they are ‘on duty’ to support the wellbeing team at play times and lunch times. They are here to demonstrate positive play and to act as role models to the younger children to help them develop socially.

Parent Support

This academic year we have held two parent drop in sessions for parents to come in and speak to a member of the Well-being team about any questions or concerns they may have. During these sessions parents have been able to have an in depth look at the Well-being objectives and discuss them with Miss McDowell, our Well-being leader.  They have also been able to offer suggestions which we have taken on board and also talk more directly about any specific concerns they may have regarding their child/ren.

In January 2020 we sent out our first Well-being Curriculum newsletter. If you would like to see it again, please click the link below.

Wellbeing Newsletter


In March 2020, an NHS nurse visited the Year Six children for a two hour workshop on how to deal with exam stress. We have also held health eating workshops for parents in November 2019 where parents could come and learn more about how to deal with portion control and fussy eaters, as well as have their own questions answered by an experienced member of the NHS. In addition to this, we also offered cookery classes for parents and children to take part in, starting in March 2020. The class was so popular that we had to extend the course and split into two groups so that everyone could access the class.













As most children will be learning from home during this current situation, we understand that this can be very unsettling for them and therefore want to put their mental health and wellbeing at the highest priority. If you wish to take part in any wellbeing activities at home, please click on the link below. Remember to keep talking with your children and be as honest as you can. We hope that this situation will settle soon but in the mean time, stay safe and enjoy quality time with your children.

Wellbeing Home Activities

Wellbeing Impact

Parents’ Well-Being Survey Feedback.

Please find below the results of our Well-Being Survey and our leadership response. We will be providing responses to individual points raised before the end of November.

WellBeing Survey

Children’s Questionnaire 

In January 2020, all children years 2 – 6 completed a Wellbeing Questionnaire: The questions and results are below:

Are you aware of what Wellbeing means?

Do you know what this term’s Way to Wellbeing is?

Do you think Wellbeing Wednesdays are a good idea?

Do you enjoy Wellbeing Wednesdays?

Do you feel comfortable going to an adult if you are upset or worried?

Do you feel safe and well looked after at Preston Hedges?

Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6 whole school (y2-6)
Question 1 87% 97% 89% 99% 100% 94%
Question 2 77% 80% 94% 85% 95% 86%
Question 3 97% 97% 99% 95% 100% 98%
Question 4 95% 100% 95% 90% 97% 95%
Question 5 87% 94% 89% 87% 92% 90%
Question 6 87% 95% 92% 95% 100% 94%

In response to question 2, we have now ensured that at the beginning of each Wellbeing session the children recap the 5 areas of wellbeing and the current area they are focussing on. Each year group has a wellbeing display, highlighting the current term’s focus area.

In response to question 5, Miss McDowell, our wellbeing leader held a wellbeing assembly where she produced a power point of staff that children could go to if they are worried. She also introduced ‘a helping hand’ where she encouraged all children to think of 5 adults in school that they feel comfortable going to. After this assembly many children approached Miss McDowell to tell her their 5 adults. In addition to this, we have now introduced our ‘Wellbeing Champions’ which consists of 21 children in years 4 -6 who help out at playtimes and our wellbeing lunch time club to support younger children with positive play.

As a result of our wellbeing curriculum, the children are becoming resilient, well rounded individuals who are able to access their emotions appropriately. They now have a deepened understanding of what wellbeing is and how to keep healthy, both physically and mentally.

Dates for your diaries

Due to Covid-19, the cookery classes have been postponed. We will inform you when we have new dates for this to continue.

Term 6 – NSPCC will be coming in to carry out a session with all children on general and online safety.




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5th June 2020

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